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Kata Bags ™
A Vitec Group brand

Kata Bags

Pro-V-610 PL KT PL-PV-610


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Pro-V Family Intro

The spacious Pro-V-610 and the Pro-V-410 are spacious and are designed to support and protect your gear. These bags come with lots of spacious padded pockets, a tripod holder, a work matt, a full harness and an elements cover to protect your gear from rain or the sun

Pro-V Family Intro

Learn ahbout the Pro-V series. The Pro-V is a versatile backpack designed to fit a wide range of equipment for the DSLR or HDSLR photographer.

Pro-V-610 PL Intro

Pro-V-610 PL Introduction (KT PL-PV-610)

ProV 610 PL Harness (KT PL-PV-610)

ProV 610 PL Harness (KT PL-PV-610)

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