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Kata Bags ™
A Vitec Group brand

Kata Bags

RC-10 PL KT PL-VA-801-10

PART # KT PL-VA-801-10


Trailer Video

Cyclone Yasi, Australia 2011

During Cyclone Yasi, Brad Ambrose's team was the only one to reach the Eye. Their gear was protected by Kata Bags' Rain Covers. Footage courtesy of Brad Ambrose, photojournalist. Check his site: http://www.newsmedia.co.nz

Cyclone Yasi, Australia 2011

Cyclone Yasi, Australia 2011. Kata's rain cover protecting gear

Kata bags rain cover family on HDSLR review

Johnnie Behiri tests our RC Family on his HDSLR rig

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