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Design and Innovation

KATA's Research
Design and Development Department provides services for all of the company's lines. The same high standards are therefore applied to all product lines, subject to the specific marketing and functionality attributes.

Design and development benefit from the synergy between KATA's different fields of expertise, which complement and augment one another.

The company's guiding principles include

Turning swords into plowshares

KATA was born in the defense world, an environment that sets the highest functionality standards. We use methods, materials, technology and know-how that were acquired and proved over time. This experience was the platform that subsequently formed the basis for the design and development of products in the Video and Photo markets.

User-to-product approach


When faced with a problem related to carrying, protection and usage of any product, the first and foremost focus of KATA's engineers is ergonomics. In order to understand the client's specific needs, KATA engineers study the client's unique demands and constraints, which are key to creating a solution that will bridge between the users and the instrument they are carrying and using in the field.

We offer our clients an optimal, user-friendly interface that will give them an added value, so that they can make the best of the device they carry.

Unique and standard elements

The different features available on the market do not always provide the best answer for the needs we encounter in the development of our products. Many times, we develop new, unique elements to solve recurring problems. Over the years, KATA has thus created a range of uniquely designed features. Since these elements were designed to be universal, they can be utilized in all of KATA's different products.

For further details see the section about Unique Features



The market segments to which we cater are dynamic and open to changes, innovations and new usages. We have therefore embraced modularity as a general concept for all our products. We provide basic tools that end-users can modify and adapt to their individual needs, without compromising the overall design or performance of the product.

For example:


Individually adjustable, internal bag divider system;

Optional all ways adjustable wheels;

Adaptation of production lines

Our RDD (research, design and development) team leverages KATA's production capabilities to provide the best product design possible. At the client's request, we can develop a one-off unit for display at conventions or presentations, follow through with adjustments to that unit and produce them in limited numbers, or start with mass production from the outset.

Functionality and style

While we observe the highest standards of functionality and human engineering, design is never overlooked. We believe that the product styling and appearance should be consistent with user's lifestyle, with no compromise in terms of functionality.


Intellectual Property Rights

KATA believes in protecting individual and corporate intellectual property rights. KATA does its best to develop original products, create new solutions and offer better designs.

KATA does its best to fight imitations of designs, patents, and trademarks and any infringing of intellectual property rights, whether they belong to KATA, a KATA client, supplier or competitor.