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Kata provides you with the Minimum and Maximum Weight data in order to help you lighten up!
We believe in giving you the ultimate freedom in customizing your bag and deciding just how light you want and need your bag to be. Our products come fully equipped with all accessories however because the components are modular we enable you to simply remove the ones you find are not necessary for your specific gear or trip, thus reducing the weight of the bag while adapting it to your exact needs. When you receive the bag, the exact list of removable items is listed on the back of the package. The minimum weight shows you the minimal configuration possible in order for the bag to function. For smaller bags such as pouches, the difference between the min and max weight may not be big however we list it anyways.


Bag with all included accessories,
Equipment not included

  Bag with:

  •     5 Small dividers
  •     2 Large Dividers
  •     1 Divider for Laptop Compartment
  •     1 Laptop Pad
  •     1 Bottom Internal Pad
  •     2 Waist Straps
  •     1 Tripod strap
  •     1 Camera fastening Strap
  •     1 Tripod Holder
  •     1 Elements Cover
  •     1 Lens Pillow
  •     2 Mesh Pockets
  •     1 Aluminum Skeleton
  •     1 Spine Guard MKII
  •     1 Sternum strap
  •     1 sternum strap


Minimun configuration,
Equipment not included


Bag only

We will use our Bug-205 Pro Light + Bug Kit + Insert Trolly to demonstrate this principal.
The maximum configuration of this bag is with all the accessories included plus Bug Kit and Insert Trolley (sold separately).


Bag + Kit +Trolly with all included accessories,
equipement not included

4.6 kg | 10.1 lbs


Do need a carting option?
Leave aside and lose 1.7 kg

2.9 kg | 6.39 lbs

Adjustable Waist Belt

Do not need the extra support all the time?
Take it off whenever you prefer to use only
the harness and lose 0.3 kg

2.6 kg | 5.73 lbs

17” Laptop Sleeve

Using a smaller laptop?
The laptop slot will fit it perfectly and you can
leave the sleeve at home and lose 0.16 kg

2.44 kg | 5.38 lbs

2 Side Pouches

Got nothing you need to carry in them?
Remove them and lose 0.16 kg

2.28 kg | 5.03 lbs

Tripod Holder

Not bringing along a tripod?
Leave the tripod holder at home and lose 0.08 kg

2.2 kg | 4.85 lbs

Element Cover

Not gonna rain today?
Leave it at home and lose 0.1 kg

2.1 kg | 4.63 lbs

Inside Accessories and straps

Do not need them?
Leave them at home and lose 0.17 kg

1.93 kg | 4.25 lbs

Modi-Vers Dividers

Need a large open space in the bag?
Leave all the Dividers at home.
This is the Minimum weight of the bag:

1.62 kg | 3.66 lbs


Minimum configuration, Equipment not included

1.62 kg | 3.66 lbs

The maximum-weightconfiguration is 4.6 kg,
while the minimum-weight configuration is 1.62 kg.
The bag's weight is up for you to decide!